Courses Handbook 2006 - [Archived]

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New in 2006 - Undergraduate

Code Title
309842 Bachelor of Agribusiness (Agribusiness Marketing), Bachelor of Science (Aquatic Resources and Fisheries Management)
309880 Bachelor of Agribusiness (Agricultural Technology)
309973 Bachelor of Agribusiness (Honours)
309876 Bachelor of Agribusiness (Horticultural Technology)
309963 Bachelor of Agribusiness (Viticulture), Bachelor of Science (Viticulture and Oenology)
309837 Bachelor of Aquatic Science (Coastal Zone Management)
309373 Bachelor of Arts (Media, Society and Culture) (Honours)
309868 Bachelor of Science (Medical Imaging Science)
310081 Bachelor of Science (Medical Imaging Technology)
309909 Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)

New in 2006 - Postgraduate

Code Title
309814 Graduate Certificate in Electronic Arts
309703 Graduate Certificate in Health in Ageing
309911 Graduate Certificate in Public Administration
309771 Graduate Certificate in Training Systems Design
309815 Graduate Diploma in Electronic Arts
309864 Graduate Diploma in Information Systems
309992 Graduate Diploma in Marketing
308404 Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
309454 Graduate Diploma in Public Health Practice
309802 Graduate Diploma Sustainable Tourism Development
309453 Master of Clinical Science (Occupational Therapy)
309863 Master of Critical Care Nursing
309605 Master of Electronic Arts
309847 Master of Emergency Nursing
309952 Master of Film and Television
308344 Master of Public Administration
309706 Master of Science (Actuarial and Financial Science)
309848 Master of Science (Aquaculture)
309872 Master of Science (Aquatic Resource Management)
309780 Master of Sustainable Tourism Development
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