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Collaborative Course and Unit Partnerships @ Curtin

Within Australia

Outside Australia

Within and Outside Australia

Within Australia

Collaborative Awards

Collaborative Awards are specific courses jointly offered between Curtin and other Tertiary Institutions (primarily other Western Australian public universities), although in some instances, they may be offered between Curtin and a professional body, for example, CPA Australia.

In most cases, a student nominates one enrolling institution, which admits them and grants their award. Participating institutions provide additional units, on a cross-institutional basis towards that award, with the logos of all participating institutions normally appearing on the final award.

  1. Bachelor of Science (Geophysics), Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) Double Degree
    Offered between Curtin and UWA
  2. Master of Business Administration - CPA Collaborative Program
    Offered between Curtin and CPA Australia
  3. Master of Medical Engineering
    Offered between Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA
  4. Master of Natural Systems Engineering
    Offered between Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA
  5. Master of Transport Studies
    Offered between Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA

Special Collaborative Arrangements

  1. Cross Institutional Graduate Program in Strategy and Defence (ANU)
    Optional Curtin units offered collaboratively within Graduate Studies in Strategy and Defence (offered by ANU)

For more information contact Alexey Muraviev on (08) 9266 3324.

Curtin Advantage

Curtin Advantage is an exciting new learning concept. The unit is set up as a working model Company with all relevant departments and divisions that exist in a real multi-tiered company environment. The only difference is the employees are Curtin students and young people from the community who volunteer their time in return for experience in the field of their choice. These young people are coached and directed by dedicated Curtin University staff and mentored by volunteers from Industry and Government.

For more information on Curtin Advantage, please visit:

Open Learning Australia

Open Learning Australia (OLA) was initially established by the Commonwealth and is now operated as a private company owned by a number of Australian universities including Curtin. Open learning provides an alternative pathway to university studies with greater flexibility than on campus or distance education programs. There are no entry requirements, no quotas on places and students pay a fee for service.

Open Learning Australia advances higher education in Australia by providing students with choices in how they access learning opportunities.

For more information on Opening Learning Australia at Curtin, please visit:
Open Learning Australia (Curtin)

Curtin International College

Curtin International College is located on the main campus of Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.

Since its inception in 2000, CIC has positioned itself as the ‘Preferred Pathway’ for international students to Curtin. Its flexible approach to entry requirements makes it an open and accessible institution, serving the needs of a diverse range of students. Furthermore, the highly qualified, friendly and committed staff provide a high level of personal support to all students so that their period of study at CIC is not only academically successful but also an enjoyable and memorable experience.

For more information on CIC, please visit:

Australian Institute for University Studies

The Australian Institute for University Studies (AIUS) is a modern tertiary institution co-located with Curtin University of Technology on their Joondalup campus. AIUS offers courses and study pathways at Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels in the areas of Commerce, Science and Design. AIUS also runs the Curtin Bachelor of Commerce program and ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students).

For more information on AIUS, please visit:

Canning College

Canning College provides through its Uni-Direct program a Diploma of Commerce offering successful students a direct pathway to second year in their Bachelor of Commerce course at Curtin. Students gain recognition of prior learning (advanced standing) towards eight units of their first year study.

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Outside Australia

Offshore Programs

Through Curtin University of Technology’s long-standing expertise in the provision of international education, and its partnerships with institutions in Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, it is possible to undertake all or part of some undergraduate and postgraduate courses in these countries. Programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

For more information regarding these offshore programs, please visit:

African Virtual University (AVU)

Curtin University of Technology will help to improve access to higher education in Africa with a $5 million virtual education project launched in Addis Ababa in December 2003.

In partnership with the African Virtual University (AVU), Curtin will utilise the latest in information and communication technologies to offer business programs to students in a range of locations across Africa, where the demand for quality tertiary-level education is enormous.

Eligible students will work from an AVU learning centre in participating universities in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya to undertake the courses in distance education mode.

Courses offered will include: a Bachelor of Business Administration through the Curtin Business School, which prepares individuals for management roles in public and private sector organisations; and a Diploma of Business offered by Curtin's Vocational Training and Education Centre in Kalgoorlie, which is designed to enable graduates to gain employment in the fields of accounting or office administration.

Educational support will also be offered by Curtin's Learning Support Network to build the capacity of partner African university staff to run the courses themselves in the future.

The participating African universities will contribute to the programs and teaching to ensure that the courses are relevant to local social, cultural and technological needs.

For more information regarding the AVU, please visit:

Petroleum Well Engineering in Iran

Curtin University of Technology has confirmed its position as a world leader in the provision of postgraduate petroleum training and research following the recent signing of a multi-million dollar contract with Iran's Petroleum University of Technology (PUT) and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Curtin is the only university in the Asia Pacific to provide postgraduate training in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience to PUT students.

On successful completion, students will be awarded the degree of Master of Engineering (in Petroleum Well Engineering) by the Department of Petroleum Engineering and a Master of Science degree by the PUT in Tehran.

For more information regarding this program, please visit:

Within and Outside Australia

Study Abroad and Exchange

Study Abroad
Opportunities are offered at Curtin to students from abroad to undertake studies for credit to their degree at their home university but not take a degree from this University. Students participate by applying directly to Curtin. Students applying independently pay tuition to Curtin.

Currently enrolled Curtin students may undertake studies abroad independently. Students apply for leave of absence from Curtin and negotiate for exemptions on successful completion of their studies. Participants do not accrue a Commonwealth supported liability or tuition debt but pay tuition to the institution abroad.

For more information on studying abroad, please visit:

Curtin Study Abroad

Centre for Aboriginal Studies

Curtin Business School

Division of Engineering, Science and Computing

Division of Health Sciences

Division of Humanities

Division of Resources and Environment

Curtin Sarawak

Study Exchange
Opportunities are offered at Curtin to students from abroad to undertake studies for credit to their degree at their home university but not take a degree from this University. Students participate through formally negotiated study exchange arrangements between this University and partner universities abroad. Students applying through exchange partners pay tuition to their home institution.

Currently enrolled Curtin students may also participate in study exchange and go abroad. Such studies are undertaken as part of their degree and are negotiated for credit. Further information is available at:

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