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151904 v.3 Master of Environmental Health


This course is not available to International Onshore Students on Student Visas


Environmental health sciences is a broad, interdisciplinary field with a primary focus on the effects of biological, chemical, and physical environmental agents on man. In practice, activities within this broad field include studies of environmental riskassessment and management (including environmental engineering solutions), epidemiological studies and basic science research to provide mechanistic and toxicologic analyses of the effects of environmental agents and to develop techniques with which to study and control these effects. It provides a range of theoretical skills and practical knowledge to professionals with an interest in environmental health or already working in the field. It would also provide an appropriate postgraduate course for graduates from scientific and other relevant disciplines, who work in agencies with responsibility for environmental health, to upgrade knowledge and skills in the environmental health field. The professional MEH program is intended to provide a complete, professional practice-oriented curriculum leading to immediate employment eligibility following graduation. Graduates from the MEH program will have skills in leadership and be able to articulate for the improvement of health conditions.

Course Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

A bachelor degree plus some relevant work experience. Consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the course, a broad range of undergraduate or graduate degrees are acceptable. Among these are environmental science, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering and geology. Graduates without relevant work experience may be admitted following successful completion of a prescribed bridging program.

Specific Requirements

Applicants for this course should refer to the Communicable Diseases and Criminal Record Screening and Clearance Section of this publication.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis.

Duration and Availability

This course is three semesters full-time or equivalent part-time study. It is conducted principally in external mode with some optional units available on an internal basis.

Intermediate Awards I

A student who has successfully completed the requirements of an approved intermediate award may apply for graduation in that award subject to approval of the Head of School/Department. Fees apply. Intermediate awards approved for this course appear below.

Intermediate Awards II

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Health.

Course Organisation

Students may be required to participate in workplace professional practice during third semester of the course.

Professional Recognition

The degree is currently undergoing accreditation by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health and the Western Australian Environmental Health Officers Professional Review Board.

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other essential study materials.

Course Structure



Year 1 Semester 1

308413 v.1   Social and Behavioural Determinants of Health 681 4.0 25.0
308414 v.1   Healthy and Ecologically Sustainable Development for Public Health 681 4.0 25.0
308416 v.1   Health Challenges and Effective Responses 681 4.0 25.0
308418 v.1   Environmental Epidemiology and Research Methods 681 4.0 25.0

Year 1 Semester 2

308419 v.1   Environmental Health Management 683 4.0 25.0
308420 v.1   Food and Drug Safety Management 682 4.0 25.0
308421 v.1   Environmental Health Law 682 4.0 25.0
308422 v.1   Environmental Health Risk Assessment 682 4.0 25.0

Year 2 Semester 1

308423 v.1   Environmental Health Workplace Professional Practice 583 8.0 50.0
308425 v.1   Environmental Health Workplace Professional Practice 584 8.0 50.0
13179 v.3 # Research Project 650 16.0 50.0
Optional Units to Select From in Year 2 Semester 1 Hrs/Wk Credits
10658 v.5   Control of Infectious Disease 682 3.0 25.0
301948 v.3   International Health and Primary Health Care 600 8.0 25.0
303682 v.2   International Nutrition 600 8.0 25.0
305795 v.3   Ethics in International Health 600 8.0 25.0
# If this Research Project 650 is undertaken, two optional units are to be selected


Year Location   All* Internal Partially Online Internal^ External Fully Online#
2006 Bentley Campus Semester 1 Y        
2006 Bentley Campus Semester 2 Y        

The information displayed above refers to study periods and locations where the course is available for first time entry. Students are normally only offered or admitted to a course once.

*The course itself may not be available either solely internally or externally but individual units may be offered in either or both of those modes. Prospective students should contact the Course Coordinator for further information.

^Course and associated units are offered in this mode permitting International Onshore student enrolment.

#Course and associated units are offered in this online only mode and DO NOT permit International Onshore student enrolment.

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