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309475 v.1 Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise and Technology


Course CRICOS Code: 054628F
Registered full-time Duration for International Onshore Students on student visas: 1 Year


This course educates practicing engineers and scientists in entrepreneurial and business skills. Enterprise has been described as a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity driven, holistic in nature and leadership balanced. An individual takes responsibility to pursue and deliver value from an opportunity without regard for resources controlled currently. That individual is in control and responsible for the outcomes. The road from concept to commercial product is complex and entrepreneurs require many skills, including judgement of when and whom to seek input from, and when to act on intuition. Worldwide there is a shortage of engineers and scientists who can address problems and deliver innovative and creative solutions in a commercial environment. Engineers and scientists obtain quantitative and professional skills through their existing education. The course aims first to teach basic business and enterprise skills; secondly, to develop the qualitative side - the creative, imaginative, interpersonal and social skills that are essential in successful business ventures. Thirdly, quantitative and qualitative skills are combined into a coherent framework that delivers entrepreneurial practice in the commercial environment.

Course Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

Entry is with a bachelor degree in an engineering, science or technology subject at honours level or Graduate Certificate in Enterprise and Technology. In some cases, applicants without an honours degree but with appropriate work experience will be admitted at the discretion of the course coordinator.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis. A student may, under specific circumstances, receive a waiver for basic units. In this case the student must substitute an alternative unit approved by the course coordinator. Equivalent units from other institutions may be acceptable if approved by the course coordinator.

Duration and Availability

The course is two semesters full-time study.

Intermediate Awards I

A student who has successfully completed the requirements of an approved intermediate award may apply for graduation in that award subject to approval of the Head of School/Department. Fees apply. Intermediate awards approved for this course appear below.

Intermediate Awards II

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise and Technology

Course Organisation

Semester one introduces basic business and commercial concepts and skills to engineers and scientists. The focus of the course is on those basic business skills that are central to Science and Engineering Technology (SET) commercial ventures, with a strong emphasis on practical entrepreneurial application. Key topics include legal marketing and financial basics in a SET environment, strategy and its implementation, risk evaluation, organisational dynamics, interpersonal skills, business plans and how to start a business. Semester two introduces approaches to both incremental and radical innovation. Creativity is developed in terms of thinking skills, knowledge and motivation. The techniques developed include creative thinking, critical thinking, dialectic argumentation, and Ba (a Japanese management concept). A systems approach is adopted and risk is addressed within a framework focused on uncertainty. Project work provides practical experience.

Career Opportunities

Enterprise is the driving force of most economies, particularly Australia. Worldwide there is a shortage of engineers and scientists who can address problems and deliver innovative and creative solutions in a commercial environment. Graduates will have acquired the skills to set up and run entrepreneurial business ventures in the science, engineering and technology areas or to lead new ventures in larger organisations (enterprise).

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other essential study materials.

Special Note

The second semester of the course is under construction with information progressively becoming available during 2005. Prospective students should consult the course coordinator to determine the appropriate unit progression.

Course Structure



Year 1 Semester 1

309457 v.1   Strategy and Risk in SET 501 3.0 25.0
309458 v.1   Enterprise Environment for SET 501 3.0 25.0
309459 v.1   People and Organisations in SET 501 3.0 25.0
309460 v.1   Business Plans and SET Start Ups 501 3.0 25.0

Year 1 Semester 2

309461 v.1   Enterprise Skills for SET 501 3.0 25.0
309463 v.1   MET Project 501 1.0 50.0


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