Courses Handbook 2006 - [Archived]

308682 v.1 Physics Minor


This minor meets the needs of non-Physics Majors wishing to make Physics an area of interest or focus in their program. The Physics minor is an ideal minor for non-Physics Majors intending to broaden their knowledge and skills in the physical sciences, for example to Chemistry graduates wishing to work as materials characterisation scientists, to Mathematics Majors in atmospheric and marine sciences, satellite remote sensing, astronomy, data analysis and information technology, business, and data processing. For graduates wishing to become science teachers, the Physics minor provides sufficient physics knowledge to be able to teach TEE physics at secondary school. TEE Applicable Mathematics is required on entry into program. To satisfy the requirementsfor the Physics minor all students must complete 100 credits of physics units including at least 50 credits of second year physics units. The recommended sequence of units is Physics 101 or Physics 115, Physics 102, Physics 201 and Physical Measurements 201. Other similar level units may be substituted for these on consultation with the Head of Applied Physics or Program Coordinator. Please note there are significant mathematics prerequisites associated with most of these units.

Course Structure



Optional units (No year level specified) Hrs/Wk Credits
7908 v.4   Physical Measurements 201 3.0 25.0
8142 v.4   Physics 201 4.0 25.0
302804 v.3   Physics 101 4.5 25.0
304741 v.2   Physics 115 4.5 25.0
305415 v.3   Physics 102 4.5 25.0
NB Units from other appropriate disciplines may be undertaken following consultation with the course coordinator
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