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308117 v.2 Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Commercial Law)


Course CRICOS Code: 049869J
Registered full-time Duration for International Onshore Students on student visas: 1 Year


This course is designed for people who have a business degree. It provides a qualification for people working or proposing to work in a field that requires a knowledge of business law and who are interested in furthering their studies into the legal and practice aspects of law.

Course Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

Applicants must have a bachelors degree in business or commerce from a recognised Australian tertiary institution or equivalent qualification or a Graduate Certificate in Business Law.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis. Recognition of prior learning may be given to students who have completed equivalent units in another postgraduate course from a recognised Australian tertiary institution or equivalent qualification, to a maximum of 50 credits. Recognition of prior learning will be granted for Graduate Certificate in Business Law (Curtin University) to a maximum of 100 credits.

Duration and Availability

The course is one year full-time or equivalent part-time study.

Intermediate Awards I

A student who has successfully completed the requirements of an approved intermediate award may apply for graduation in that award subject to approval of the Head of School/Department. Fees apply. Intermediate awards approved for this course appear below.

Intermediate Awards II

Graduate Certificate in Commerce.

Course Organisation

The program consists of eight units of study each carrying 25 credits, totalling 200 credits in one year full-time study or equivalent part-time. This program includes one core unit and the ability to specialise by choosing seven optional units from a wide range of available units.

Career Opportunities

Employment in the commercial legal departments of companies, employment in state and federal government departments dealing with legal or quasi-legal issues. Teaching law at TAFE and University Colleges.

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other essential study materials.

Course Structure



Year 1 Semester 1

5934 v.4 # Legal Environment 560 3.0 25.0

Year 1 Semester 2

  SELECT 4 OPTIONS   100.0
Optional units to select from in Year 1 Hrs/Wk Credits
5269 v.8   Law (Public Administrative) 576 3.0 25.0
5272 v.8   Law (Education) 675 3.0 25.0
5468 v.8   Law (Company Secretarial Practice) 561 3.0 25.0
5469 v.8 * Law (Corporation) 564 3.0 25.0
5470 v.7   Law (Industrial) 572 3.5 25.0
5746 v.11   Law (OHS and Human Resources) 563 3.0 25.0
5752 v.6   Law (Advanced Industrial) 573 3.0 25.0
6877 v.3   Land Law 550 3.0 25.0
10957 v.4   Banking Law 551 3.0 25.0
10961 v.3   Law (Torts) 502 3.0 25.0
10962 v.3   Law (International Business) 533 3.0 25.0
10969 v.3   Law (Criminal) 571 3.0 25.0
12030 v.3   Law (Business Organisations) 522 3.0 25.0
12531 v.2   Law (Public Relations) 511 3.0 25.0
13316 v.2   Law (Marketing) 545 3.0 25.0
300455 v.3 ** Contract Administration 502 3.0 25.0
300466 v.3   Law (Intellectual Property) 570 3.0 25.0
300468 v.3   Law (Trade Practices) 505 3.0 25.0
302087 v.2   Internet Law 561 3.0 25.0
304794 v.1   Legal Issues and Public Policy for New Technology 627 3.0 25.0
308108 v.1   Travel and Tourism Law 503 3.0 25.0
308110 v.1   Law (Health Services ) 527 3.0 25.0
308111 v.1   Law (Contract) 513 3.0 25.0
308129 v.1   Law (Advocacy) 580 3.0 25.0
# Students who have completed a unit of study pertaining to the Australian legal system at a recognised university may choose an optional unit from the optional list in place of this unit.
* Students who choose to enrol in 11943 v.5 Law (Corporation/International) 564 may not enrol in 5469 v.8 Law (Corporation) 564.
** Student may only select this unit if they have completed 308111 v.1 Law (Contract) 511


Year Location   All* Internal Partially Online Internal^ External Fully Online#
2006 Bentley Campus Semester 1 Y        

The information displayed above refers to study periods and locations where the course is available for first time entry. Students are normally only offered or admitted to a course once.

*The course itself may not be available either solely internally or externally but individual units may be offered in either or both of those modes. Prospective students should contact the Course Coordinator for further information.

^Course and associated units are offered in this mode permitting International Onshore student enrolment.

#Course and associated units are offered in this online only mode and DO NOT permit International Onshore student enrolment.

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