Courses Handbook 2006 - [Archived]

301724 v.2 Epidemiology and Biostatistics Stream


This stream is open to all health professionals. It aims to develop a critical understanding of appropriate epidemiological methods, an ability to apply these methods to a wide variety of applications, particularly to such areas as the determinants of health and ill-health and the evaluation of health care programs and an ability to undertake all phases of research investigations and to develop an understanding of the problems which are likely to be encountered during the conduct of such investigations. Students who successfully complete this stream may apply for admission into the Master of Applied Epidemiology or the Master of Public Health course.

Course Structure



Year 1 Semester 2

Optional Units to Select From in Year 1 Semester 2 Hrs/Wk Credits
10658 v.5   Control of Infectious Disease 682 3.0 25.0
12112 v.3   Clinical Research Methods 584 4.0 25.0
13149 v.3 # Epidemiology 683 4.0 25.0
13150 v.4   Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 681 4.0 25.0
# Or a unit from the Department of Public Health, The University of Western Australia-WA Centre of Public Health
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