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Curtin University
Courses Handbook 2013 - [ Archived September 2013 ]

This handbook contains information for courses and units at Curtin in 2011.

New Courses @ Curtin

New in 2012 - Undergraduate

Code Title
314308 Bachelor of Laws
314331 Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts
314314 Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce
314163 Bachelor of Science (Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science)
314267 Bachelor of Science (Midwifery)

New in 2012 - Postgraduate

Code Title
314446 Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy
313454 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Classification
314421 Graduate Certificate in Geography Teaching
314420 Graduate Certificate in History Teaching
313842 Graduate Certificate in Human Rights
313757 Graduate Certificate in Mineral and Energy Economics
314169 Graduate Certificate in Paramedicine
313691 Graduate Certificate in Procurement
313982 Graduate Diploma in Corrosion Engineering
314253 Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security
314266 Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
314827 Graduate Diploma in Subsea Engineering
314759 Master of Business Administration (Global)
314807 Master of Dietetics
314674 Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering)
314260 Master of Engineering Science (Petroleum Engineering)
313455 Master of Health Information Management
313841 Master of Human Rights
313979 Master of Occupational Medicine
314309 Master of Occupational Therapy
314263 Master of Petroleum Engineering
314237 Master of Philosophy (Science and Mathematics Education)
313807 Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics), Master of Business Administration
313946 Master of Sexology
314824 Master of Subsea Engineering
314261 Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering