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170810 v.8 Bachelor of Science (Extractive Metallurgy)


Course CRICOS Code: 003883B
Registered full-time Duration for International Onshore Students on student visas: 3 Years


Extractive metallurgy requires a sound knowledge and understanding of chemistry and the principles of metal extraction from ores. Extractive metallurgists are involved in plant design, development, operations and control, management and research. The involvement of students with their colleagues in mining engineering and geology places them in a favourable position for advancement in the mineral industry.

Specific Requirements

STAT elements considered are E and Q. STAT applicants will be required to meet entry prerequisites by completing enabling units. This study may extend the duration of the course. In order to be adequately trained as a professional engineer, it is mandatory that the student undertake 12 weeks of relevant practical experience during the course.


High performing applicants lacking prerequistes may still be considered. The associate degree may be used as a pathway into the science course and science students may transfer to engineering after satisfactory performance at university.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis.

Duration and Availability

3 years' full-time or equivalent part-time study. The first two years of this course are offered on the Bentley Campus and the Kalgoorlie Campus. The final year is only available at the Kalgoorlie Campus. Transfer from the Bachelor of Science to the Bachelor of Engineering is possible pending satisfactory progress at the end of the second or third year. The final year is only available at the Kalgoorlie campus.

Course Organisation

The Bachelor of Science is largely common with the first three years of the Bachelor of Engineering.

Professional Recognition

This course is recognised by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other vital study materials. Some costs are required for associated field trips. A requirement for graduation is the successful completion of a Senior First Aid certificate, the cost of which participants are expected to pay.

Further Information

The first two years of this course is available at the Bentley (Code CUKSC) campus, the third year is only available at the Kalgoorlie campus. The final professional year is only available at Kalgoorlie to maximise industry exposure and employment prospects. Students must nominate a discipline upon enrolment, but it is relatively easy to swap between the Mining and Extractive Metallurgy disciplines in the early years of study, since many subjects are common. For further information contact the WesternAustralian School of Mines (WASM) on freecall telephone: 1800 688 377, email: or visit our website:

Combined Degree Information

Extractive Metallurgy may be combined with Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering.

Course Structure Disclaimer

Curtin University reserves the right to alter the internal composition of any course to ensure learning outcomes retain maximum relevance. Any changes to the internal composition of a course will protect the right of students to complete the course within the normal timeframe and will not result in additional cost to students through a requirement to undertake additional units.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
Year 1 Semester 1
10926 v.5   Mathematics 103 5.0 25.0
11310 v.5   Geology 111 5.0 25.0
301995 v.5   Communication Skills 116 2.0 12.5
303138 v.2   Mining and Metallurgy 131 5.0 25.0
Year 1 Semester 2
12511 v.3   Mining and Society 232 3.0 12.5
1692 v.6   Geographic Information Systems 212 4.0 12.5
307529 v.3   Engineering Mechanics 100 5.0 25.0
307543 v.4   Electrical Systems 100 5.0 25.0
7492 v.5   Mathematics 104 5.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 1
11555 v.3   Thermofluids 251 5.0 25.0
303148 v.2   Mining Operations Research 232 3.0 12.5
311691 v.1   Mathematics and Statistics 231 4.0 25.0
311880 v.1   Materials Engineering 253 2.5 12.5
7039 v.5   Chemistry 101 7.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 2
11317 v.5   Resource Geology 112 2.0 12.5
310137 v.3   Process Mineralogy 212 5.0 25.0
311692 v.2   Mine Finance and Economics 232 5.0 25.0
311693 v.1   Metallurgical Processes 252 4.0 12.5
7040 v.6   Chemistry 102 7.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 1
11971 v.3   Metallurgical Chemistry 351 5.0 25.0
11972 v.3   Metallurgical Thermodynamics 351 3.0 12.5
303116 v.2   Mineral Processing 351 8.0 25.0
310538 v.2   Process Control 353 5.0 25.0
311214 v.2   Project Evaluation 331 3.0 12.5
Year 3 Semester 2
11974 v.4   Hydrometallurgy 352 5.0 25.0
303117 v.2   Mineral Processing 352 5.0 25.0
303126 v.2   Pyrometallurgy 352 4.0 25.0
310542 v.2   Materials Handling 354 3.0 12.5
3929 v.10   Managing Mining Organisations 352 2.5 12.5
Optional Units to Select from in Year 1 Semester 1 Hrs/Wk Credit
1633 v.4   Scientific Photography 101 3.0 12.5
1681 v.4   Materials and Technology 112 4.0 12.5
307530 v.2 *   Engineering Physics 100 3.2 12.5
307534 v.3 #   Engineering Chemistry 100 3.2 12.5
307547 v.3   Technology of Brewing and Winemaking 100 3.0 12.5
307592 v.3   Introduction to German Language, Technology and Society 100 3.0 12.5
307593 v.3   Introduction to Renewable Energy 100 3.0 12.5
307594 v.3   Engineering; its Evolution, Development, Successes and Failures 100 3.0 12.5
5215 v.4   Planet Earth 101 2.0 12.5
7318 v.6   Astronomy 101 2.0 12.5
7329 v.6   Planetary Science 101 2.0 12.5
7474 v.5   Marine Acoustics 103 2.0 12.5
#      Students who have not completed TEE Chemistry must take this option in semester 1
*      Students who have not completed TEE Physics must take this option in semester 1


Year Location Period All* Internal Partially Online Internal^ External Fully Online#
2010 Bentley Campus Semester 1   Y      
2010 Bentley Campus Semester 2   Y      
2010 Kalgoorlie Campus Semester 1   Y      
2010 Kalgoorlie Campus Semester 2   Y      

The information displayed above refers to study periods and locations where the course is available for first time entry. Students are normally only offered or admitted to a course once.

*The course itself may not be available either solely internally or externally but individual units may be offered in either or both of those modes. Prospective students should contact the Course Coordinator for further information.

^Course and associated units are offered in this mode permitting International Onshore student enrolment.

#Course and associated units are offered in this online only mode and DO NOT permit International Onshore student enrolment.

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