Courses Handbook 2010

311514 v.1 Environmental Health Major (Master)


The Environmental Health Major within the Master of Public Health focuses on an introduction to environmental risk assessment and management, epidemiological studies and basic science research to analyse the impact of environmental agents and to develop techniques to study and control these effects. Students will examine the effects of biological, chemical and physical environmental agents on individuals and communities.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
Year 2
13151 v.4 N2   Research Dissertation 600 16.0 50.0
13359 v.3   Research Dissertation 601 16.0 50.0
13179 v.3 N1   Research Project 650 16.0 50.0
  SELECT 4 OPTIONS   100.0
Optional Units (No Year Level Specified) Hrs/Wk Credit
11518 v.4   Diseases of Occupations 595 4.0 25.0
13150 v.4   Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 681 4.0 25.0
305042 v.2   Health Impact Assessment 680 4.0 25.0
308414 v.2   Sustainable Development for Health 681 4.0 25.0
310442 v.1   Introduction to Children's Environmental Health 682 5.0 25.0
311516 v.1   Toxicology and Diseases 651 3.0 25.0
N1      Students who select Research Project 650 will need to complete a total of six optional units.
N2      Students must complete Research Dissertation 601 if they first select Research Dissertation 600.
N3      If Recognition of Prior Learning is granted, it is allocated towards units in Year Two.
NB      Students may only select the dissertation if they have a course weighted average of 70% over both semester one and two. (The dissertation is comprised of two units).
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