Courses Handbook 2010

306361 v.3 Master of Human Services Counselling


Course CRICOS Code: 044073G
Registered full-time Duration for International Onshore Students on student visas: 1.5 Years


This course consists of practice-oriented and experiential professional units intended for people who wish to advance their present career in counselling or make a rewarding career change. It aims to give students an appreciation of diverse, contemporaryapproaches to counselling by exposing them to a range of theories and practices. Specialised knowledge in working with individuals, couples, families, groups and communities is offered. Personal awareness and supervision contribute to a critically reflective practice. Students will be required to attend weekend workshops to explore individual beliefs and attitudes that may contribute to, or take away from, effective practice. There are two streams to choose from - the Direct Practice stream and Direct Practice (Research) stream.

Course Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

A four-year bachelor degree or honours in Behavioural or Social Science and a minimum of 12 months documented relevant work experience, or a three-year bachelor degree as well as a graduate diploma in a Behavioural or Social Science area with a course weighted average of at least 70 per cent and a minimum of 12 months documented relevant work experience, or a three-year bachelor degree in behavioural or social sciences or equivalent with a course weighted average of at least 70 per cent and a minimum of two years documented relevant work experience. All applicants will need to complete a Curtin application for admission and enrolment form, provide curriculum vitae including relevant work experience, ask two referees to complete the Department's referee's report form, provide a certified copy of previous tertiary or other relevant qualifications (if applicable), write a statement regarding why you wish to enrol in the course (not more than 500 words) and attend an interview.

Specific Requirements

Applicants for this course should refer to the Communicable Diseases and Criminal Record Screening and Clearance section of this publication.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis. No more than two units in total will be exempted.

Duration and Availability

This fee-paying course is eighteen months full-time or equivalent part-time study. Some optional units may be available externally, although external study is not permitted for international onshore students on student visas.

Intermediate Awards 1

A student who has successfully completed the requirements of an approved intermediate award may apply for graduation in that award subject to approval of the Head of Department. Fees apply. Intermediate Awards approved for this course appear below.

Intermediate Awards II

Graduate Certificate in Counselling (Human Services); Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Human Services) .

Course Organisation

The direct practice stream consists of 10 units and two field placements. Delivery of the units includes late afternoon and early evening on-campus lectures, weekend lecture/workshops and optional week intensives. The Department endeavours to alternatetimes of on-camps lectures for the convenience of students. Lectures, practical exercises, role-plays, videos, discussions and client stories contribute to a varied and engaging learning atmosphere.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment within government and non-government agencies specialising in counselling services. Some may commence a private counselling practice.

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other essential study materials.

Course Structure Disclaimer

Curtin University reserves the right to alter the internal composition of any course to ensure learning outcomes retain maximum relevance. Any changes to the internal composition of a course will protect the right of students to complete the course within the normal timeframe and will not result in additional cost to students through a requirement to undertake additional units.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
Year 1 Semester 1
307447 v.1   Working with Groups as Communities 513 36.0 25.0
7522 v.9   Research for Social Work 602 2.0 25.0
307448 v.2   Systemic Approaches in Counselling 521 3.0 25.0
307449 v.1   Counselling Theory and Practice (1) 512 3.0 25.0
7818 v.5   Professional Ethics 501 2.0 25.0
Year 1 Semester 2
13297 v.3   Counselling Applications 514 3.0 25.0
13299 v.2   Counselling Theory and Practice (2) 522 3.0 25.0
308143 v.2   Integrative Counselling and Self-Awareness 524 3.0 25.0
  SELECT 1 OPTION   25.0
Year 2 Semester 1
310367 v.1   Direct Practice Stream (Master of Human Services Counselling) 100.0
310368 v.1   Direct Practice (Research) Stream (Master of Human Services Counsellling) 100.0
Optional Units (No Year Level Specified) Hrs/Wk Credit
12669 v.2   The Arts in Counselling 521 3.0 25.0
300722 v.3   Professional Evaluation 602 2.0 25.0
304385 v.3   SW 697 - Independent Study Research Proposal Preparation 2.0 25.0
306357 v.1   SW 664 - Narrative in Practice 3.0 25.0
309059 v.1   SW 582 - Engaging Mental Health Praxis 2.0 25.0
7819 v.4   Professional Supervision 501 3.0 25.0


Year Location Period All* Internal Partially Online Internal^ External Fully Online#
2010 Bentley Campus Semester 1   Y      
2010 Bentley Campus Semester 2   Y      

The information displayed above refers to study periods and locations where the course is available for first time entry. Students are normally only offered or admitted to a course once.

*The course itself may not be available either solely internally or externally but individual units may be offered in either or both of those modes. Prospective students should contact the Course Coordinator for further information.

^Course and associated units are offered in this mode permitting International Onshore student enrolment.

#Course and associated units are offered in this online only mode and DO NOT permit International Onshore student enrolment.

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