Courses Handbook 2010

167999 v.6 Bachelor of Psychology

BPsych(Curtin) OR BPsych(Hons)(Curtin)

Course CRICOS Code: 041070B
Registered full-time Duration for International Onshore Students on student visas: 4 Years


Psychology encompasses all aspects of human behaviour, using tested theoretical frameworks to examine, explain and predict what we do as individuals and in groups. The four-year general applied psychology program emphasises the application of knowledge to problems arising in professional practice, and graduates are equipped to move directly into the workforce as provisionally registered psychologists. It also provides an understanding of the theoretical framework within which various approaches and techniques have been developed. Experimental design relevant to applied research is an important part of the course.

One TEE Mathematics subject desirable.

Specific Requirements

STAT elements considered are E and either V or Q.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applications for recognition of prior learning are assessed on an individual basis.

4 years' full-time or equivalent part-time study.

Intermediate Awards I

Students who are not permitted to continue to the fourth year of this course due to performance (less than a credit average) will be exited from the course, and will instead graduate with the award listed below:

Intermediate Awards II

Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

Course Organisation

Whilst the principal focus is on psychology, the course also provides a broad appreciation of human behaviour and experience by including studies in social sciences and other disciplines. Students are required to pursue a subject other than psychology as a minor study. High achieving students may be selected to participate in the Honours stream in the fourth year of the course. Due to stringent registration requirements, students not attaining a credit average in third-year should consider transferring to the Bachelor of Science (Psychology) course to exit with that award. These students may apply for admission into the fourth-year of the Bachelor of Psychology after some work experience and demonstration of their ability to complete fourth year studies successfully.

Professional Recognition

Graduates of the four-year program are eligible to apply for associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and provisional registration. In Western Australia two years supervised psychological practice after fourth year or completion of a two-year master program is required for full registration as a psychologist. For full membership of the APS, a masters degree is required.

Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other essential study materials.

Special Note

For details on the honours classes refer to the Curtin Policies website

Combined Degree Information

Psychology may be combined with Commerce (Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations double major only).

Course Structure Disclaimer

Curtin University reserves the right to alter the internal composition of any course to ensure learning outcomes retain maximum relevance. Any changes to the internal composition of a course will protect the right of students to complete the course within the normal timeframe and will not result in additional cost to students through a requirement to undertake additional units.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
Year 1 Semester 1
12961 v.3   Psychology Professional Practice 115 3.0 25.0
13019 v.2   Psychology 123 3.0 25.0
311582 v.1   Foundations of Psychological Science 110 2.0 12.5
7713 v.9   Health Science Communication 180 2.0 12.5
Year 1 Semester 2
13020 v.2   Psychology 124 3.0 25.0
310841 v.2   Interpersonal Communication 126 3.0 25.0
311583 v.1   Foundations of Psychological Science 120 3.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 1
311584 v.1   Psychology of Learning 211 3.0 25.0
311585 v.1   Social Psychology 212 3.0 25.0
311586 v.1   Psychological Science 210 3.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 2
311587 v.1   Sensation and Perception 221 3.0 25.0
311588 v.1   Health, Motivation and Emotion 222 3.0 25.0
311589 v.1   Psychological Science 220 3.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 1
311593 v.1   Cognition 323 3.0 25.0
311594 v.1   Abnormal Psychology 327 3.0 25.0
9846 v.4 #   Research Methods 321 4.0 25.0
311591 v.1 *   Child Developmental Psychology 313 3.0 25.0
9848 v.4 #   Psychology 322 (Social Psychology) 3.0 25.0
311590 v.1 *   Individual Differences 311 3.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 2
12963 v.3 #   Indigenous and Cross Cultural Psychology 328 3.0 25.0
310848 v.3   Work, Family and Community 336 3.0 25.0
9844 v.5 #   Psychology 321 (Abilities) 3.0 25.0
311592 v.1 *   Adult Developmental Psychology 323 3.0 25.0
9849 v.5 #   Research Methods 322 4.0 25.0
311595 v.1 *   Advanced Psychological Science 320 3.0 25.0
Year 4
306066 v.2   Psychology Fourth Year Stream 200.0
306067 v.2   Honours Psychology Stream 200.0
#      Please note these units may not be available after 2009.
*      Please note these units will not be available until 2010.


Year Location Period All* Internal Partially Online Internal^ External Fully Online#
2010 Bentley Campus Semester 1   Y      

The information displayed above refers to study periods and locations where the course is available for first time entry. Students are normally only offered or admitted to a course once.

*The course itself may not be available either solely internally or externally but individual units may be offered in either or both of those modes. Prospective students should contact the Course Coordinator for further information.

^Course and associated units are offered in this mode permitting International Onshore student enrolment.

#Course and associated units are offered in this online only mode and DO NOT permit International Onshore student enrolment.

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