Courses Handbook 2007 - [ Archived ]

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New in 2007 - Postgraduate

Code Title
310069 Graduate Diploma in Transport Studies
310070 Graduate Certificate in Transport Studies
310279 Master of Science (International Health)
310319 Master of Education
310397 Master of Urban Design
310400 Graduate Diploma in Urban Design
310418 Graduate Certificate in Urban Design
310431 Master of Arts (Journalism)
310435 Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation
310441 Graduate Certificate in Children's Environmental Health
310460 Master of Architecture
310511 Master of Arts (Community Development Practice and Social Policy)
310535 Master of Engineering Science (Communications Networks)
310546 Diploma of Process Plant Technology - Oil Industry
310634 Doctor of International Health
310674 Master of Accounting (Two Years)
310675 Master of Engineering Management (16 Months)
310676 Master of Finance (Two Years)
310677 Master of International Business (Two Years)
310599 Master of Biomedical Science

* Subject to final approval by the University.
** Subject to all four Universities final approval.

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