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Curtin University
Courses Handbook 2013 - [ Archived April 2013 ]

This handbook contains information for courses and units at Curtin in 2011.

How to search for a course

  1. Free Text Search

    Type a word, or part of a word, into the text field, and press the Search button. Use this to search for a specific subject or discipline keyword. Limit your search by using the buttons below the text field to select only Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses.

  2. Using an Advanced Search

    Type a word to search for and nominate either the Course Code, Course Title, Course Description (or all three) using the checkboxes below. If you want you can also limit your search to one teaching faculty using the menu at the bottom. Then press the Search button.

    (For example, typing the word 'conversion' and choosing to search on Course Title and Course Description displays a number of courses. The first listed are those with 'conversion' in the title. Further down the list are courses with the word 'conversion' in the course introduction).

    You can also search by study package number (or code). (eg '151099' will find just one course, the 'Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)'.

  3. Search by Career Path

    Curtin Courses are associated with Fields of Education. Select one from the list and press the Search button to see associated courses.

  4. Search by Teaching Area

    Choose from this list and press the Search button to see all courses belonging to a particular faculty. Once you select a faculty, the courses are shown, grouped by Faculty/School/Department, with course majors, minors and streams.

  5. Search by Title

    Click on a letter of the alphabet to view all course titles beginning with that letter.