Courses Handbook 2010

312780 v.1 Business Law and International Relations Double Major

Introduction (HB)

Business Law Major- This major provides the knowledge and skills relevant to working in business or government. It does not lead to a professional legal qualification allowing admission to practice as a solicitor or barrister, but it does meet the increasing needs of government and industry for graduates with a background in law and business studies. International Relations Major- This course provides the opportunity for suitably qualified students to undertake a dissertation-based program in the field of social sciences. The program emphasises independent research and the analysis of advanced problems in the theory and practice of a specific discipline, or in the multidisciplinary approach to a topic, and requires the completion of a dissertation.

Combinations available with this Major

The combinations being supported are: Bachelor of Commerce Elective Stream; Business Law & Accounting, Business Law & Marketing; Business Law & Property; Business Law & International Relations; Business Law & Journalism.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
312094 v.1   Business Law Major 200.0
312331 v.1   International Relations Major 200.0
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