Courses Handbook 2010

312775 v.1 Business Law and Journalism Double Major

Introduction (HB)

Business Law Major- provides the knowledge and skills relevant to working in business or government. It does not lead to a professional legal qualification allowing admission to practice as a solicitor or barrister, but it does meet the increasing needs of government and industry for graduates with a background in law and business studies. Journalism Major- forges a strong link between the theoretical and practical work of journalism. It combines professional outcomes, scholarly creativity, technological skills and intellectually demanding academic study with an emphasis on deeper understandings, as well as the chance for innovative, cutting-edge project work. There are opportunities for students to develop abilities to research, prepare and publishnews and current affairs stories across the media. Skills are developed in professional journalism and there is involvement in production of news for published newspapers, Curtin Radio 100.1FM and Access 31.

Combinations available with this Major

The combinations being supported are: Bachelor of Commerce Elective Stream; Business Law & Accounting, Business Law & Marketing; Business Law & Property; Business Law & International Relations; Business Law & Journalism.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
312084 v.1   Journalism Major 200.0
312094 v.1   Business Law Major 200.0
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