Courses Handbook 2006 - [Archived]

309476 v.1 Mass Communication Honours Major


This honours course combines advanced coursework in the theoretical and practical aspects of mass communication with individual research and professional practice in that field. Students firstly engage in a semester of coursework and individual project preparation, and then complete a semester of intensive research, writing and, in some cases, professional practice during their dissertation. Students are required to contribute to their research via presentations in an academic setting. They learn skills in individual project management, research techniques, critical thinking and analytical writing, as well as detailed knowledge in their specific project area. More creative production and professional practice can be combined with academic research to provide a substantial applied research outcome. Students are encouraged to complete interdisciplinary work relating mass communication to the broader, converging field of media and information.

Course Structure



Year 1 Semester 1

308889 v.1   Media, Society and Culture 411 - Concepts and Theories 2.0 50.0
308890 v.2   Media, Society and Culture 412 - Research Methods 2.0 25.0
308891 v.2   Media, Society and Culture 413 - Creative Research Methods 2.0 25.0
308892 v.2   Media, Society and Culture 414 - Honours Preparation 2.0 25.0

Year 1 Semester 2

308893 v.2   Media, Society and Culture 491 - Honours Dissertation 1.0 100.0
309322 v.2 # Media, Society and Culture 492 - Honours Dissertation 1.0 50.0
309323 v.2 # Media, Society and Culture 493 - Honours Dissertation 1.0 50.0
# Students undertaking honours on a part-time basis, will study Media, Society and Culture 492 and 493 in place of 491
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