Courses Handbook 2006 - [Archived]

308937 v.1 Internet Law and Policy Major


This major develops specialist expertise in legal and policy developments relating to the Internet, both as an information system and as a media form. It draws on the combined expertise of Business Law and Internet Studies. Students gain skills in legal and policy research, analysis and development, whilst understanding the socio-political contexts in which Internet law and policy operate and develop.

Course Structure



  SELECT 4 OPTIONS   100.0
Optional units to select from in Semester 2 (No year level specified) Hrs/Wk Credits
301483 v.3   Internet Studies 513 - Policy, Regulation and Governance 2.0 25.0
301519 v.3   Internet Studies 593 - Individual Study Program 2.0 25.0
302087 v.2   Internet Law 561 3.0 25.0
304790 v.1   Law Internet (Global Legal Environment) 562 3.0 25.0
306495 v.1   Media Law 501 3.0 25.0
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