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308374 (v.1) Sustainability Management Dissertation 605


Division of Resources and Environment


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308358 (v.1) Global Sustainability Studies 603 or any previous version
308359 (v.1) Sustainability Management 601 (Public Policy) or any previous version
308360 (v.1) Sustainability Management 602 (Corporate Strategy) or any previous version
308361 (v.1) Sustainability Management 603 (Accountability and Reporting) or any previous version
308363 (v.1) Sustainability Management 604 (Corporate Citizenship) or any previous version


An applied research project into a subject area of the student's choice related to sustainability management. It is preferably linked to the practical sustainability challenges faced by an organisation either in the public, private or civic sector, or focuses on a sustainability issue to explore its implications for various organisations and industry sectors. The research involves investigation of the threats and opportunities posed by sustainability, development of a business case for the organisation to address sustainability, and the development and evaluation of alternative strategies for the organisation to improve its sustainability performance.
** To ensure that the most up-to-date information about unit references, texts and outcomes appears, they will be provided in your unit outline prior to commencement. **

Field of Education:

080399 Business and Management not elsewhere classified

Funding Cluster:

02 - Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce

SOLT (Online) Definitions*:

*Extent to which this unit or thesis utilises online information

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