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304891 (v.1) Sports Clinic 652


School of Physiotherapy



Contact Hours:

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1 x 2 Hours Weekly


1 x 2 Hours Weekly

Clinical Practice:

2 x 8 Hours Weekly

Anti Requisite(s):

307460 (v.1) Sports Clinic 752


13070 (v.1) Sports Clinic 651 or any previous version


Advanced current developments in assessment, treatment techniques and specific sports rehabilitation for peripheral joints and conditions. Examination of recent theories and issues related to sports physiotherapy. Prevention and management of acute sports injuries. Clinical application of advanced physiotherapeutic skills of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in sports injury clinics and club placements. Ethics and responsibilities.
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Field of Education:

069900 Other Health (Narrow Grouping)

Funding Cluster:

06 - Computing, Built Environment, Health

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