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12529 (v.2) Systems Theory and Control 302


Department of Mathematics and Statistics



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3 x 1 Hours Weekly


1 x 1 Hours Weekly


8127 (v.6) Advanced Calculus 201 or any previous version
8128 (v.6) Linear Algebra 202 or any previous version


Introduction to the state space description of continuous time dynamical systems, equilibrium points, limit cycles, phase plane analysis of second order systems, general stability concepts for autonomous systems. Lyapunov stability theory (first and second methods of Lyapunov, linearisation, invariant sets, Lyapunov equation for linear systems), variable gradient method, stability of systems arising from population dynamics, introduction to control systems (open loop and feedback control, linear systems,controllability, observability, non-linear systems), optimal control problems (general canonical form, examples), optimality conditions (Euler-Lagrange equations, Pontryagin minimum principle), singular control, time optimal control, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation and application to linear quadratic regulator problems, optimal parameter selection problems, gradient derivation, control parametrisation, MISER3 and conversion of non-standard problems into canonical form.
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010101 Mathematics

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04 - Mathematics, Statistics

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