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11761 (v.3) Systems Implementation 502


School of Information Systems



Contact Hours:

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1 x 4 Hours Weekly


11759 (v.3) Program Design 501 or any previous version

Co Requisite(s):

11760 (v.3) Systems Implementation 501 or any previous version


Review of structured programming techniques, modularity, coupling and cohesion. Procedures, functions and parameters. Data abstraction, objects and formal specification. Implementation of data types - elementary and structured. Linear and non-linear abstract data types, their implementation and use. Sorting and searching techniques. Application to efficient retrieval of data from both internal and external storage. Use of a procedural language to access a database via embedded SQL.
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Field of Education:

020300 Information Systems (Narrow Grouping)

Funding Cluster:

06 - Computing, Built Environment, Health

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Not Online
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