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305633 (v.1) Introduction to Noongar Language and Culture 201



Centre for Aboriginal Studies



Contact Hours:



1 x 3 Hours Weekly

Anti Requisite(s):

305625 (v.2) Introduction to Noongar Language and Culture 301 or any previous version


Introduction to some of the key elements of Noongar culture - the cultural and language group of Indigenous Australian people in the south-western part of Western Australia. Focusing on language emphasises the way Noongar conceptions of place, space, time, ritual, the environment, and so on, are mediated through the linguistic structures that belong to this part of the country - Noongar country. Students in this unit will begin to see this part of the world through Noongar eyes, and understand something of the Noongar worldview - past, present and future.

Unit Outcomes:

On successful completion of this unit, students will have- Demonstrated an understanding of some core Noongar philosophical concepts. Understood and used some fundamental Noongar terms, phases and utterances. Appreciated a Noongar worldview by understanding the way language embodies central values, beliefs and attitudes of this cultural group.

Texts and references listed below are for your information only and current as of September 30, 2003. Some units taught offshore are modified at selected locations. Please check with the unit coordinator for up-to-date information and approved offshore variations to unit information before finalising study and textbook purchases.

Unit References:

Bates, D., (1992), Aboriginal Perth and Bibbulmun Biographies and Legends, Victoria Park, Hesperian Press. Harp, B. and L., (1998), Nyoongar Warr-kin-ying Bulup, Brookdale, Dale Print. Humphries, C., (1999), Unpublished Tapes and Transcripts, Ed. Tim McCabe, Perth, CIRC. Tilbrook, L ., (1983), Nyungar Tradition: Glimpses of Aborigines of South-Western Australia. Whitehurst, R., (1992), Noongar Dictionary, Noongar Language and Culture Centre. Carey Park.

Unit Texts:

Winmar, R., (1996), Walwalinj: The Hill That Cries - Nyungar Language and Culture, Delphin Publishing.

Unit Assessment Breakdown:

Noongar Culture and Language Research Essay/Case Study 40%, Oral Presentations: Short Noongar Language Pieces 30%, Participation 10%, Tutorial Presentation on Key Linguistic/Philosophical Concept 20%. This is by grade/mark assessment.

Field of Education:

 90311 Indigenous Studies

HECS Band (if applicable):


Extent to which this unit or thesis utilises online information:

 Not Online  

Result Type:



Availability Information has not been provided by the respective School or Area. Prospective students should contact the School or Area listed above for further information.

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