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Curtin University
Courses Handbook 2013

This handbook contains information for courses and units at Curtin in 2013.
Information for current year courses and units is available at Courses Handbook 2012.

314652 v.1 Computer Science Stream (BSc Science)


The Computer Science stream focuses on the knowledge required to build operating systems and design new programming languages. Computer Science professionals design the computing technology that we all use rather than customised software for specific clients. The stream covers in depth software design and algorithm analysis as well as the aspects of artificial intelligence, computer communications, programming language design, databases and computer graphics. The stream will prepare students for the areas of Information and Communication Technologies stated to be most in demand for the positions considered to be the most difficult to fill.

Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
Year 2 Semester 1
7492 v.5   Mathematics 104 5.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 2
12332 v.3   Foundations of Computer Science 200 3.0 25.0
3437 v.13   Programming Languages 200 3.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 1
4517 v.8   Artificial and Machine Intelligence 300 3.0 25.0
4549 v.9   Project Design and Management 300 2.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 2
12334 v.5   Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science 300 5.0 25.0
4539 v.7   Machine Perception 400 3.0 25.0

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